New Century Art Foundation (NCAF) is a non-profit art organization founded by collector Mr. Wang Bing. As one of the first contemporary art foundations registered with the Civil Affairs Bureau in China, NCAF is dedicated to supporting Chinese artists and promoting local contemporary art practices through its collection. Its ongoing and in-depth collaboration with artists, collectors, and scholars through research-based exhibitions, academic lectures, and symposiums aims to present, study, and discuss the current and critical phenomena and subjects in the ecology of contemporary Chinese art practices.

Registered and accredited by the civil affairs bureau, NCAF aims to carve out more and better platforms for the promotion of Chinese contemporary art and to imbue more supportive vitality to the development of Chinese contemporary art within the existing art system through insightful observation and research into art.

Space: New Century Art Foundation ,No. A05, 797 East Road, 798 Art District, Beijing


“What a foundation intends to achieve is the improvement of the overall environment for the cause of public benefits. To fulfill that takes both foresights and innovative leadership. With such a vision in mind, NCAF places an emphasis on the sustainable development of the art system and ecology. Through the launch of the foundation, we hope that it could function as a platform that would play a leading role in terms of bringing the power of various parties together, enhancing the awareness on its mission, and inspiring the involvements of more resources. We sincerely look forward to seeing that the ‘seeds’ sown by NCAF will grow steadily and vividly in the realm of Chinese contemporary art.”

– Wang Bing, founder of New Century Art Foundation


About Wang Bing

Mr. Wang Bing began collecting art in 2005. He has collected many important paintings, sculptures, installations and video works of Chinese contemporary artists. In 2014, he founded the New Century Art Foundation, advocating for turning the foundation into an open public platform that could attract more collectors, artists and other people with similar ideals to join the work of making art more available as a public good.

Wang is also an art patron, supporting domestic and overseas art institutions. He has been striving to recommend the works of Chinese artists into the collections and academic systems of important museums. He was one of the Tate Aisa-Pacific Acquisitions Committee, and since 2018 he has been the Chairman of the new acquisitions committee of the Hong Kong M+ Museum. In addition, he personally donated works by Chinese artists including Hao Liang, Huang Ran, Lin Ke, Shen Xin and Zhao Zhao to the Pompidou National Art and Culture Center in France and the M + Museum of Visual Culture in Hong Kong.





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