The artist Lin Ke had his solo show LINK at Young Gallery in Beijing last year, and was awarded the inaugural 2014 OCT Pierre Huber Prize. His work can be found now in the 2nd CAFAM-Future Exhibition: Observer-Creator The Reality Representation of Chinese Young Art. He was born in 1984. People call him Ake. As an emerging new media artist whose works being called as post-internet, Lin Ke is known for his installation and painting, and joke-poem. So, talking about Shi with Lin Ke means avoiding Shi (poem in Chinese), and talking is a relaxed way with its openness.

Amingzai is graduated from art academy, he majored in literature though, and he is the very first writer friend of Lin Ke. Lin Ke learned how to write joke-poem from Amingzai. Since then he has been recording sentences coming from daily discourse or simply soliloquy, those subconscious lines. For instance, he uses key words resulted from searching Shi online in his poem, such as poetic, motherhood, atmosphere. These poems become his simultaneous way of working. Lin ke wishes to talk about his understanding and way of composing the Shi in his daily practice.

This is a multi-discipline panel discussion. Multi-media artist Ju Anqi joins the panel as the director of Poet on a Business Trip, this film was premiered in the 44th Rotterdam International Film Festival this January,and won the 2015 Netpac Award. The recently appointed chief editor of artnet news China, Ms. Penny (Pinyu) Liu joins the panel as well; her article on Lin Kes solo show was included in the exhibition profile.


About the guests:

Lin Ke was born in 1984 in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province. He graduated from new media collage of Chinese Art Academy in Hangzhou, and joined Double Fly, an artist collective together with Zhang Lehua and Li Ming. He lives and works in Beijing. A 15 MacBook Pro (produced in 2008) is his studio, and he does image experiment in this studio.

Amingzai, his real name is Chen Xiaoming. He was born in 1982 from Putian in Fujian Province, graduated from fine art collage in Fujian Normal University. His fictions and illustrated books were published during 2005 to 2012. He started publishing his writings on a Wechat subscription account Big Thumb No Stop signed as Tinnitus. His recent publication includes Spark (illustrated book, 2011), So Young(re-publication of This is just a fly, 2011), Looking for an elephant Silent Forest (novel and illustrated book, 2012).

Ju Anqi, a Chinese new generation film director. He self-printed poetry collection Sparking and China Live(1994). He graduated from Beijing Film Academy (Directorial Department) in 1999. His experimental film Beijing is Windy premiered at 50th Berlin International Film Festival. Ju Anqis films got screened in over 30 prestigious film festivals worldwide, also exhibited in the Centre Pompidou (Paris) and MoMA (New York). Ju Anqis recent film Poet on a Business Trip got premiered at the 44th Rotterdam International Film Festival on 23rd January 2015.

Penny (Pinyu) Liu was born in Taipei, and acquired her MA degree in Art History and Theory at Peking University, Beijing in 2008. Since becoming one of the founding members of Harpers Bazaar Art in China in 2010. She started as feature editor and pitched stories for both local emerging artists and international contemporary art. In 2014, she became chief editor of Harpers Bazaar Art. In 2015, She is chief editor of artnet news China.

Chao Jiaxing, born in 1984, Shanghai. BA in Fine Arts (2007), MA in literature (2010) Shanghai University. Her curatorial practice dates back to 2009 in Shanghai Duolun Modern Art Center. She has been curating exhibitions for different non-profit spaces in Shanghai, such as DDM warehouse, and at art space among others. She is the curator and managing director for V ART CENTER, Shanghai since 2011, and curated around 40 projects for the art center. Her writings can be found in artforum, Numero, Randian-Online, LEAP, Art China etc.


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