Over the past century, the art historical studies have derived from classic analytics of forms and imagery and extend to a kind of visual culture or cultural studies. Contemporary art is no longer restraint with the regime of perceptual vision. The line between contemporary art and cultural studies is blurred, and art history has become a part of contemporary practice. However, the “boundless contemporary” enforces us to contemplate on some fundamental issues which are common to both art history and contemporary, and to try something new. Among which, vision and narration – including image and term – as a counter point of reflection and a theoretical theme, are existing in the new art historical studies and contemporary artistic practice. It relates to the variations of our understanding of art itself, and in the same time connects to the contemporary context encountered by the art history – an art history being seen as an intellectual means. On the occasion of launching the recent publication On Metapainting: a kind of Artistic institution and Universal Cognition written by Lu Minjun, the author will sit together with guest speakers Pan He, Shao Yiyang, Yu Runsheng, Wang Yin, Zhang Hui, Yang Beichen and Song Yi to talk about today’s art history and contemporary art, to open a new space for thinking and practice.




Moderator: Yang Quanqiang

Guest speakers:

Pan He: Iconography and visual sequence Taking the example of Mantova, Palazzo del Te and Sala di Psiche

Yu Runsheng: Fantasy of objectification Art and Writing of Malevich

Shao Yiyang: Art History and Visual Culture

Lu Mingjun: Poetry and History of Seeing On Image Media Studies and Art History of Régis Debray


Moderator: Song Yi

Guest speakers: Wang Yin, Zhang Hui, Yang Beichen

About the speakers:

Pan He, graduated from Wu Han University and Université Paris-1 Panthéon-Sorbonne with BA in history and MA in art history. Initiated independent library Fengtian Chengwai in 2012 (Shen Yang) and joined the theatre group Fengtian Happy Supermarket in 2013. Now acts as a librarian, translator and theatrical performer.

Shao Yiyang, graduated from Sydney University, Australia with Ph.D in history of fine arts. Now acts as professor in Central Art Academy of Fine Arts. His publication include Chinese Modern Art 1980s&1990s (ProQuest, USA, 2005), Post Post-Modernity (Shanghai People’s Publication of Fine Arts, 2008; Beijing University Publication, 2012), Transcend Post-Modernity (Beijing University Publication, 2012) etc.

Yu Runsheng, graduated from BA Beijing University, MA Central Art Academy of Fine Arts, and Ph.D Moscow National University in Russia. Now teaches at CAFA on the subjects of art history, Russian art history and fine arts in Christianity.

Wang Yin, artist.

Zhang Hui, artist.

Song Yi, senior editor of LEAP.

Lu Mingjun, teachers in Arts College of Sichuan University, Ph.D in historical studies. Has published Visual Perception and Art History: Foucault, Damisch and Crary.

Yang Quanqiang, acclaimed publisher. Ph.D in Chinese Literature from Nanjing University. Now acts as academic director of Shanghe Zhuoyuan Cultural Group.


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