Under the contemporary art context, Chinese paintings, sculptures and new media arts dominated by new concepts and methodology leads to a revolution of various art forms. During the process, the exploring of theory and practice happened at the same time. On the one side, artists practice their arts directly rather than wait for specific definition of theory and form. They are self-sufficient by experiment and discovery of media and forms; on the other side, lots of scholars raised questions of concepts and theories by rethink ancient arts on the time axis and corroborate with other experience on the space axis, thereby to stimulated revolutions of concepts and reconstructions of theories. Hao Liang’s work is established on the exploring for true meanings of Chinese ancient arts, he tried to figure out the original problems of Chinese paintings from Song dynasty until present. He shares unique and outstanding perspectives of Wang shizhen and Dong qichang’s theory constrictions – he questioned how we can accomplish independent modernity of Chinese arts, how we can explain the suspended reforming process, and how to interpret the relationship between time and space in Chinese paintings and the emotions and worldview of human beings. In the meanwhile, he broaden his visions to the phenomenon and rules of modernized and westernized Chinese paintings, discussing the gain and lost of this process by studying the practice of Wu hufan, Fu baoshi and Lu yan, etc.      

“Ni Gu Lu” is an anthology narratives Chinese paintings, antiques and anecdotes which is written by Chen Jiru, a scholar and painter in Ming dynasty. The narration about Chinese paintings is regarded as the core value of Chinese civilization of that era. Hao Liang established his own way in response to contemporary art by his unique and complicated method of practice, and his deep understandings and significant conversation with ancient civilization. In this conversation, we invite curator as well as criticizer Sun Dongdong who has paid attention on Hao Liang for a long period to talk with Hao Liang. Both of them will illustrate their own understandings of ancient Chinese and contemporary arts; By review the philosophy and arts from late Ming dynasty to contemporary society, they will explain the way how Hao Liang return to his art practice.  


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