Theme Lecture
Nam June Paik’s Video Art – Vision of Humanizedtechnology
Speaker: Professor Shan Lim
Venue: Auditorium, CAFA Museum

Theme Discussion
Chinese Video Art in the 1990s – Technicality andMateriality
Guest Speakers: Hu Jieming, Yang Zhenzhong, Wang Gongxin, Zhang Peili, Zhu Jia
Host: Yang Beichen
Venue: VIP Lounge, CAFA Museum

Roundtable Discussion
Guest Speakers: Hu Jieming, Yang Zhenzhong, Wang Gongxin, Zhang Peili, Zhu Jia, Shan Lim and Dong Bingfeng
Host: Yang Beichen
Venue: VIP Lounge, CAFA Museum


This lecture and seminar will focus on the special medium of video installation/ sculpture. The material and technical dimension of movement-image art is an extremely productive topic and field, which not only concerns the medium feature of this art, but also distincts the subject of video sculpture from the general ‘image’ study. For this, we specially invite Professor Shan Lim from Korea, who as an expert on Nam June Paik will give a lecture on the human dimension of technology in Paik’s art.

This lecture will focus on the vision of humanized technology by Nam June Paik. For this, his various activities in German period and anti-technological technology with friendly and playful forms in America need to be considered. Nam June Paik used television as an artistic medium for the first time and induced the concept of Living Sculpture. Inspired by John Cage, Paik had the sensibility to express music beyond music itself, which finally led him to develop new field video art. With quick discernment and intelligence, Paik became a pioneer of video art. Particularly, the fascination of Paik’s video sculptures consists in the way he constantly reformulated the question of the human dimension of technology.
——Shan Lim

In the following roundtable part, we will invite the most iconic video artists in China through reflectingon their own practices to discuss about the aesthetic background and specific strategies of China’s video sculpture. Scholars, curators and artists will together participate in the discussion.






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