The New Century Art Foundation(NCAF) will launch the “Acting in the Mirror—An exhibition of video works from Wang Bing’s collection ” during the West Bund Art&Design 2016. This time NCAF specially invites Bao Dong, the curator, to select eleven pieces of works created by three young artists in Mr. Wang Bing’s collection, trying to call more attention on the video art collection, and contributing to the development of video art in China.

Under the theme of “acting in the mirror”, we aim to present the artist’s thinking and experimentation on the relationships between performance and image, such as how the performance (and action and event) itself becomes the subject or content of the image, and how the image re-constructs the performance context, so that there have been a performing art appeared only by a video today. Here, Li Ran, Lin Ke and Tao Hui’s image art practice nicely provides us with a good case to observe and discuss these issues.

The “mirror” in the exhibition theme is not only the mirror of the mirror, but also the shot of the lens, and the lens refers to not only the lens of the camera but also the scene of the editing. We would like to emphasize that their work contains a discussion of the different identities of image art which is as a mirror’s, an observer’s, and as a montage’s.




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