Dedicated to supporting and encouraging art historical research and art criticism in the Chinese language, the New Century Art Foundation, in collaboration with esteemed scholars of art history and donors, is pleased to launch “Mo Yuan: Art History Research and Critical Writing Grants” for related fields.


“Mo Yuan Grants” will be held every two years, with a total sum of RMB 500,000 for the following four areas in art writing.


  1. Ancient and modern Chinese art history: 1 candidate, RMB 150,000.
  2. Foreign art history: 1 candidate, RMB 150,000
  3. Art history in translation: 1 candidate, RMB 100,000
  4. Critical writing on Chinese contemporary art: 1 candidate, RMB 100,000


The academic committee is composed of renowned scholars in art history and related fields in China to ensure that the “Mo Yuan Grants” would achieve its objectives.

Members of the Academic Committee include (in order of the last name)

Chen Ping, Professor, School of Fine Arts, Shanghai University

Chen Zhenghong, Professor, Fudan University

Chen Xiangyi, Research Librarian, Shanghai Library, Member of the National Committee for the Appraisal of Cultural Relics

Shao Hong, Professor, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Qiu Zhenzhong, Professor, Central Academy of Fine Arts

Fan Jingzhong, Professor, China Academy of Art

Cao Yiqiang, Professor, China Academy of Art


Prof. Dong Jie, China Academy of Art, is appointed as the Secretary of the Academic Committee. For content-related questions, please email


The selection committee of each edition of “Mo Yuan Grants” will be recommended and appointed by the Academic Committee. Members of the selection committee will be announced within one month after the application deadline.


Recipients of the first edition of “Mo Yuan Grants” will be announced in October-November 2022.

How to Apply & Deadline

Art History Research and Translation


Each applicant is limited to submitting one book written in Chinese or one translation into Chinese, published in Mainland China after January 1, 2010.


The application should be sent to before June 15, 2022, indicating the specific application grant (e.g., “Application for Foreign Art History”)


1.Complete the Application Form for Art History Research and Translation (click to download).

2.Attach the book cover and copyright page (JPG format, 300dpi, within 2M).



Critical Writing on Chinese Contemporary Art


Each applicant should submit 3-5 articles written in Chinese or English and published on public media platforms after January 1, 2017.


The application should be sent to before June 15, 2022.

1.Completion of the Application Form for Contemporary Chinese Art Writing (click to download).

2.Attach an electronic copy of the original article (format required: PDF file, 300dpi).

3.Attach images of the article’s front page, the cover of the journal/publication, and table of content (JPG format, 300dpi, within 2M), and web links if published on online platforms.

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