Open Call Art Production and Exhibition Support Program

New Century Art Foundation is dedicated to promoting artistic practices, exhibition-making, research, and acquisition of contemporary art in China. We are delighted to announce the launch of the “Art Production and Exhibition Support Program” starting in 2021, which organically integrates support for artistic practices and exhibition-making. While we offer production funding for the selected project, we would also be delighted to present the finished work at the foundation’s exhibition space, which allows us to work with the artists from the beginning of the projects, supporting their practice in various aspects.


Funding method

The artist/art group submits a proposal.
The proposals will be discussed by the foundation and guest jury.
Announcing the selected candidates (1-2) in February 2021 on the foundation’s official channels, and each selected candidate will receive a production support fee of no more than 100,000 RMB for the work/project.
The submitted works/projects should be completed within one year after receiving the grant.
The works/projects will be exhibited in the foundation’s space in the form of an exhibition after completion, and the foundation will bear the expenses related to the exhibition.


Application materials

should include
* Please submit the following application materials in four separated PDF files.
A resume of the artist and major artworks completed ( Please provide links for viewing video works).
A detailed description and schematic diagram of the work proposal.
A proposal for the presentation of the work in the foundation’s space.

Budget for the work production: including all materials/production/filming/travel costs, etc.



Application deadline and method

Please submit your application by November 30, 2021.
Send all of your information and material to the official email address:
Application email subject: Artist Support Program + Applicant’s name
*We will not reply to all application emails, and the finalists will be subject to the official release of results.


Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

The artist owns the full copyright and ownership of his/her works; If funded, the artists should guarantee that NCAF has the right to the premiere of the submitted artwork.
The artist shall ensure that the submitted plan and all graphics/text materials do not infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of others (including but not limited to copyright, portrait rights, etc.).
The final interpretation of the exhibition plan belongs to the project initiator.


download the SU model of the exhibition space

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