The Jury of “Mo Yuan: Art History Research and Critical Writing Grants” Funding Scheme Announced

The selection committee for each edition of the “Mo Yuan: Art History Research and Critical Writing Grants” is recommended and appointed by the Academic Committee. Based on the submissions, we have organized two juries for “Art History Writings/Translations” and “Contemporary Art Writings”. The jury was convened by Wan Muchun, with Dong Jie (Professor at the China Academy of Art) as the Secretary General.


In the next few months, the jury will make preliminary and final evaluations, and we expect to announce the results of the grants by December 31, 2022. Thank you for your interest in and support for the Mo Yuan: Art History Research and Critical Writing Grants, and please stay tuned on WeChat Official Account and the official website for further information.


Art History Writing/Translation Jury (in order of last name)

  1. Wan Muchun (Editor-in-Chief of New Arts)
  2. Fan Baiding (Vice- Dean of School of Arts and Humanities, China Academy of Art)
  3. Hu Bin (Dean of College of Arts and Humanities, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts)
  4. Huang Xiaofeng (Vice- Dean of the School of Humanities, Central Academy of Fine Arts)


Contemporary Art Writing Jury (in order of last name)

  1. Shen Yubing (Distinguished Professor of Fudan University, Director of the Department of Philosophy of Art)
  2. Shu Kewen (Literary and art critic, curator)

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