Hao Liang ,born 1983 in Chengdu, China, currently works and lives in Beijing.

His painting practice originates from the traditional scholar’s study method, and he is absorbed in studying ancient art, literature, painting theory, literature, western art, etc.trying to break the inherent cognition of Chinese cultural tradition and find the connection between ancient and modern.

His recent solo exhibitions includes: Hao Liang: Circular Pond,Aurora Museum,Shanghai,2019; Hao Liang: Portraits and Wonders, Gagosian , New York, 2018; Hao Liang: Eight Views of Xiaoxiang, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art,Beijing,2016; Hao Liang: The Virtuous Being, Mirrored Gardens, Guangzhou, 2016. His recent participation in group exhibitions includes: The Vitality of A New Partition :The 5th Chinese painting Biennial of Hangzhou, ZheJiang Art Museum, Hangzhou ,2018; Beating Around The Bush, Bonnefantenmuseum, the Netherlands, 2018; Collection of Centre Pompidou, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France,2017


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