Shi Qing, born in 1969 in Inner Mongolia, currently works and lives in Shanghai. Shi Qing’s practice presents a leaping approach to his work: from body theatre in the early stage to ritualistic legends to nomadic geography, then onto the production and archaeology of social space, as well as his recent endeavors on writing and researching history. Parallel to his art practice, Shi Qing participated in many self-organized practices, and organized many institutional production and research projects, for example, “Post-Sense and Sensibility”, “Complete Art Experience Project”, “Top Events” etc. He is also one of the founders of “Radical Space”, “Chongqing Research Bureau”, and “Jingnan Base”, etc.


Embodied Mirror: Performances in Chinese Video Art

Curator: Yang Beichen
Artists: Cao Fei,Chen Xiaoyun,Dai Chenlian,Hu Xiangqian,Jiang Zhi,Kan Xuan,Li Binyuan,Li Liao,Li Ming,Li Ran,Lin Yilin,Ma Qiusha,Payne Zhu,Shi Qing,Tang Dixin,Tao Hui, Tong Wenmin,Wang Jianwei,Xu Zhen,Yan Xing,Yao Qingmei,Zhang Qing,Zhou Tao, Zhao Zhao
Exhibition Designer: Liang Chen


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