Yang Zi received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy and religious studies from Nanjing University and is currently a independent curator. Yang Zi has worked in art criticism and curation for nearly ten years, starting with his participation in the YCCA project at UCCA in 2008, which introduced him to art criticism and writing. From 2012 to 2014, Yang Zi was an editor of LEAP, and he has written extensively for a range of publications, including LEAPArtforum China, Art Bank, and Art Time, among others. 2015, after joining UCCA, He acted as executive editor on a series of UCCA catalogues, including Wang Yin: The Gift, Liu Wei: ColorsXu Zhen: A MadeIn Company Production, and Zeng Fanzhi: Parcours. 2018, he was promoted to curator and the head of Public Programs in UCCA.His curatorial projects include “La Chair” (A+ Contemporary, Shanghai, 2016); “Secret Chamber” (am Art Space, Shanghai, 2016); “Pity Party” (sleepcenter, New York, 2018); “Land of the Lustrous” (UCCA Dune, Beidaihe, 2019); “Wu Wei: The Gigantic” (XC HuA Gallery, Berlin, 2019). 2017, He was a Hyundai Blue Prize finalist.


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